Your server infrastructure is the hub of your business, whether it’s a single machine or a whole floor. Keeping it cool and reducing humidity is vital to reduce downtime and prevent machine failure.

This can be approached using expensive refrigeration systems, or in a far more cost-effective way with air conditioning.

Poorly executed and designed air conditioning in machine rooms has caused problems with dampness or even flooding, and this has made many people think it’s inappropriate. It isn’t. Proper installation includes drainage and moisture sensors that allow you to benefit from the economy and convenience of air conditioning without the risk of any adverse events.


Your staff are your greatest asset.

Buildings in the UK were not designed for the higher temperatures we have been experiencing for a decade or more. And temperature has a real measurable effect on staff productivity.

The best office temperature is somewhere between 70 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 25 degrees Celsius). The British government recommended 74 degrees F after it conducted its own study.

Research shows that we are on average about 98% productive at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but only 90% at 87 degrees and 80% productive at 92 degrees. Having an office that is too hot in the summer directly affects your bottom line. It’s the same if the temperature falls too far – at 59 degrees we are only 90% productive.

Of course, not everyone is the same. Properly designed air conditioning gives a cost-effective and controlled way to manage temperatures, more responsive than central heating and capable of being managed to produce different temperatures in different areas, if desired.

Please also see our section on R22 phaseout. This could affect your business if you have existing air conditioning equipment.